Terms & Conditions

Albeit proper preparation of WashingtonTimez.com, you are acknowledging that technically it is not possible to run this website without some issues. It is the reason we cannot ensure the non-stop availability and operation of the site.

Washington Times is not liable for the time when the website is down for maintenance or goes through some technical errors.

As a visitor / user, you acknowledge that the information available on WashingtonTimez.com is obtained from multiple sources, so we are not responsible if some information is genuine or not. Washington Times always admires and appreciates the works of third parties, thus, we have no interest or personal concerns in taking the credit for their efforts.

The content written on WashingtonTimez.com abides the rules and regulations of Pakistani law. The editors, writers and occasional contributors of WashingtonTimez.com try their best to bring forth outstanding and genuine pieces of articles. The ideas, thus, are taken from the third party online resources, authentic magazines, books, and other sources of digital media. In this way, Washington Times is not accepting the responsibility if the third party provides non-genuine information / data.

Removal Of Comments

Washington Times is not liable to permit the visitors / readers to put all types of comments on the website. We keep an eye on what’s going on and personally check the comments before they are posted / published.

We keep the comments under moderation, not due to personal reasons but to have a look at them. WashingtonTimez.com, as the biggest digital magazine on the World Wide Web, reserves the right to close the comments’ section. For this, we are not answerable to any of the visitors / readers.

If you want to see your comments live, you can email us about the idea you want to share through this platform. However, there is still no guarantee that if your comments would be published / posted on WashingtonTimez.com.

Changes In Terms & Conditions

Washington Times reserves the right to change the terms and conditions whenever we find it compulsory. In case, as a visitor / reader, you have some problems, feedback, or suggestions, you can email us. We always try to answer all the emails at the earliest. However, if we find an email or the set of emails to be unnecessary, Washington Times would not reply. In this regard, all objections are unacceptable.

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