Sonam Kapoor Favors Hindu-Muslim Unity In India

Sonam Kapoor is one of those very few celebs of India, Paris, Dubai, London, Istanbul, Toronto, and New York, who never feel shy to speak their mind freely. Though she is not as successful in Bollywood as many other ‘Kapoor family’ members, still Sonam is known for being bold and beautiful.

The diva has recently supported Hindu-Muslim unity in India, saying that there is little distinction between the lifestyle of Hindus and Muslims.

Sonam Kapoor Favors Hindu-Muslim Unity In India

The adorable Kapoor family’s daughter was present at a press conference along with Salman Khan for the promotion of one of their movies. A series of questions were asked from the two, which Sonam and Salman replied politely.

All of a sudden, a journalist asked Salman Khan about his views about the extremist Hindus’ behavior with the Muslim community. First of all, both of the celebs tried to avoid answering the question; but when the reporters insisted then, the B-Town stars said that everyone who lives in India should be called as ‘Indian’ regardless of his or her religion.

It is absolutely right that people of various beliefs live in Paris, India, New York, Toronto, Istanbul, Dubai, London, and other parts of the world. The only thing that differentiates them from one another is religion, but this does not mean the people of one religion are free to cause problems for the individuals of other beliefs.

Sonam Kapoor Favors Hindu-Muslim Unity In India

It is strongly needed that we create and maintain the environment of equality and peace. We should judge each other on the basis of personal characteristics like right or wrong deeds rather than their religions.

Sonam tries to clarify the same point. She and Khan are of the view that the media persons should avoid asking such questions from any celebrity. Each and every actor or actress works for Indian film industry. He or she gives the best to make Bollywood a renowned industry of the world. It is obvious that this industry is full of Muslim and non-Muslim stars.

Sonam Kapoor Favors Hindu-Muslim Unity In India

They all work together, and there is no difference when it comes to co-operating during the making of a movie. Sonam believes that Indian actors like Salman Khan, Aamir Khan, and Shah Rukh Khan are Muslims still they are dominating the industry for many years.

She insists that there should be the focus on building mutual professional relationships because if non-Muslim stars can work anywhere in the world, then why cannot the Muslims of Paris, Dubai, London, Toronto, New York, Istanbul, and Pakistan!

Sonam Kapoor Favors Hindu-Muslim Unity In India

She has added that she does not think that Pakistani celebrities like Fawad Khan, Mahira Khan, and others should be stopped from working in Bollywood or Hollywood. Those who have talent, skills, and can work hard are free to make themselves recognized through any platform.

Sonam was born in June 1985. She is one of the most beautiful Bollywood actresses of the era. She has received four nominations of the Filmfare Awards so far. The daughter of Anil Kapoor and Sunita completed studies at a college in Singapore. Then she worked as the assistant director of Sanjay Leela Bhansali during the filming of 2005’s Black.

Sonam Kapoor Favors Hindu-Muslim Unity In India

Saawariya’s Barbie has given her fans a couple of prominent movies including I Hate Luv Storys, Raanjhanaa, Khoobsurat, and Dolly Ki Doli. She claims that she is very happy to have worked with Pakistan’s Fawad Khan in ‘Khoobsurat’. Besides it, she is interested in being the co-star all big ‘Khans’ of Indian movie industry in some upcoming projects.

Apart from her film activities, Sonam is known to support various NGOs. For many times, she came in front to raise awareness on breast cancer and other health diseases. The adorable Kapoor is one of the top endorsers for fashion brands, beauty and skincare products.

Sonam Kapoor Favors Hindu-Muslim Unity In India

This Mumbai-born girl is currently co-heading her father’s ‘Anil Kapoor Films Company’. She has two younger siblings named Rhea and Harshvardan. She has viewed that the Britains created the difference among Hindu and Muslim communities.

Now they are not ruling, so their terms and conditions need to be forgotten. The Hindu-Muslim should be united in India without any discrimination.

Sonam has given many examples to support her point of view that the industry’s many stars are working abroad, such as Priyanka Chopra is busy in movie projects in Los Angeles, Paris, Dubai, London, Istanbul, New York, and Toronto. So, B-Town producers should also give the chance to Pakistani and other countries’ Muslim celebrities to work with them.

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