Copyright Policy

Washington Times takes it seriously when it comes to publishing infringement content. At no cost, we give permission to any user/contributor/author to post the copyright content, news articles, or general blog posts. If someone is found doing such unethical activity, Washington Times reserves the right to suspend the user’s account immediately. We do not tolerate the violation of the rules and regulations of the company.

Washington Times is the sole owner of all the content, blog posts, general articles, and topics written here except the pictures and videos. At no cost, we give permission to anyone to regenerate or redistribute any of our written materials.

We are not involved in the direct hosting of the clips / videos shared on this platform. In fact, our users / authors / contributors embed them from multiple video sharing platforms including Youtube, Dailymotion, Facebook, Vimeo, Tune and others.

If any of the pictures or videos is your property, then you can contact us to get it removed from We aim to deliver high-quality news to our audience and have no intention to violate the copyright laws of any company / brand / organization.

Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA)

All the videos posted on are not our property but of the third party(s). This is the reason, we give no promises or guarantees that if the videos are real or non-real. We try our best to select only the latest, high quality, and informative news-based videos. Moreover, we write fresh content and try to present the articles in an engaging way.

We have no affiliation or link with the owners of the videos posted on this website, but the articles and blog posts remain our property; because our team of expert writers and editors manually write them. On the other hand, the videos content is the property of the respective owners.

Washington Times is one of the major and most popular news websites on World Wide Web. We want to bring the attention of users towards the fact that the videos embedded on this website are purposed to keep them updated. Therefore, if you have some copyright issues, kindly contact the respective owners of the videos because we have nothing to do with their originality or non-originality.

If you want to talk to the representatives of Washington Times, feel free to send us an email anytime. We would try our best to cooperate with everyone who shoots us the emails. It is, however, not guaranteed that the copyrighted video / picture would be removed from the website in case we find it unnecessary.

Washington Times does not even promise to get the videos / pictures removed from the other websites because we have no personal contacts with their owners. The complaints, however, are taken seriously, and we always try to come up the expectations of the users.

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