Ayyan Ali Beats Bollywood Actresses – Earns More For American Fashion Shows

Ayyan Ali was born in July 1993 in Dubai, UAE. She is a recognized Pakistani model and occasional singer. This lady has the huge fan following across London, Paris, Istanbul, Toronto, and New York.

This lady, reportedly, charges five lac American dollars per fashion show. The news has been confirmed by the official sources that Ayyan beats many Bollywood actresses including Priyanka Chopra, Deepika Padukone and others.

Ayyan Ali Beats Bollywood Actresses

She began modeling back in 2010 and has been the winner of the title of Best Female Emerging Model. Not only this but also Ayyan was a nominee of the Lux Style Awards for four consecutive years.

The adorable girl was only of 16 when she started her professional life. So far, she has worked with top fashion designers of Pakistan, Dubai, Paris, London, Istanbul, Toronto, New York, and Thailand. A few of them are Hassan Sheheryar Yasin, Karma, Chinyere, as well as Gul Ahmed.

The fashion model got media attention when she tried to fly abroad with the cash amount of one million dollars. She was arrested on the spot. What a shocking thing that the supermodel of Pakistan did not feel guilty at her fault.

Ayyan Ali Beats Bollywood Actresses

She, instead, hired a top lawyer in her defense.

As per the Pakistani laws, no one is allowed to carry more than $10,000 on a flight, but the authorities found approximately $506,800 tucked in Ayyan’s luggage, which is why they took no time to arrest her.

Later on, Ali was released on bail; and she along with her lawyer attended a series of court hearings.

By the whole, this girl has been criticized for the crime regardless of the fact that she continuously says that the money she was carrying belonged to her brother otherwise she had no intention to break the rules and regulations of Pakistan.

Ayyan Ali Beats Bollywood Actresses

The bold and beautiful female has now been released as her case has been ended. Still, the Muslims of Paris, Dubai, London, Istanbul, Toronto, New York, and Pakistan dislike her.

She also got fame due to her alleged relationship with Asif Ali Zardari. Later on, the famous politician of Pakistan (Mr. Zardari) and the top model (Ayyan Ali) denied the news pretending that there is nothing between two of them.

Ayyan Ali Beats Bollywood Actresses

Just because of her money-laundering case as well as the secret relationship with the People’s Party leader, Pakistani sweetheart took no time to touch the peaks of success. This is might be the reason that she has started charging heavily for the fashion shows.

Currently, Ali is busy in walking the ramp for some leading brands of Paris, London, Dubai, Istanbul, Toronto, New York, and Pakistan. It would not be wrong to say that she is one of the most successful and richest models of the era.

Ayyan Ali Beats Bollywood Actresses

In 2010, the gorgeous and iconic girl became the brand ambassador of Calvin Klein. She has bagged countless awards during her modeling career. Moreover, her music video and single, ‘You and I’ was released in 2014’ summers. Unfortunately, she the critics panned Ayyan due to her idiotic performance in the song.

Ayyan Ali Beats Bollywood Actresses

You must be familiar with the fact that during her court hearings, Ayyan named a couple of Pakistani politicians and models who are also involved in money laundering, claiming that no one has taken action against them.

A couple of months ago, the Sindh High Court (SHC) released the orders to the federal interior ministry for removing her name from Exit Control List (ECL). Now she is living her life with full freedom.

Countless modeling assignments are in the queue for the favorite model of our youth, Ayyan. She has told in an interview that she focuses much on maintaining her repute as a starlet. This is the reason, she only accepts the modeling contracts that pay her handsomely and at the same time she likes to opt for the shows of Paris, London, Istanbul, Toronto, London, Pakistan, and New York, where she can work as the ‘show stopper’. Is she your favorite? What are your views about Ayyan Ali?

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