American Diva Lindsay Lohan Turns To Islam

Lindsay Lohan, originally Lindsay Dee Lohan, has reportedly shown interest in learning Holy Quran. The news has proved to be surprising for her fans across New York, Dubai, Toronto, Istanbul, London, and Paris.

She is one of the most successful and prominent American actresses, models, singers, and filmmakers. Born in July 1986, Lindsay has been photographed carrying Holy Quran.

Lohan began as a model at the age of 3. Later on, she was cast in the soap opera Another World and that time her age was only 10. She was of 11 when she gave appearance in Disney’s remake of The Parent Trap (1998), which proved to be a hit and from then she began her journey as an actress.

American Diva Lindsay Lohan Turns To Islam

Troubled actress of the USA has been spotted with a Holy Quran as she steps out of a children’s center. It is to be noticed that Lindsay Lohan has much interest in community services.

Every now and then, she attends the events of Paris, Dubai, London, Istanbul, New York, Toronto, and other parts of the world that aim for the betterment of women and children.

American Diva Lindsay Lohan Turns To Islam

Raised as Catholic, the iconic American speaks about her ‘spiritual beliefs’ openly. She is of view that she does not feel shy to recite Holy Quran. She is, in fact, ready to understand this extraordinary book as according to Lindsay it is full of information.

This is might be the reason that she is frequently pictured holding the Islamic books. These days, according to sources, she is busy in learning the Arabic language.

There are chances that if she develops full understanding of the religious book, then she might convert to Islam.

If it so happens, then might be the extremists of New York, Paris, London, Dubai, Toronto, and Istanbul would raise their voices against Lindsay.

American Diva Lindsay Lohan Turns To Islam

The lady describes that she is in continuous touch with Islamic scholars. She is of Irish and Italian heritage and nowadays is paying much attention to expanding her knowledge about different religions.

It is also believed that the bold and beautiful American lady has given up the use of addicted materials and now does not date anyone.

Moreover, she is a part of the campaigns that are meant to raise funds for the welfare of women and to provide healthcare and education facilities to the poor kids.

American Diva Lindsay Lohan Turns To Islam

The diva of the United States has stressed on adopting the lifestyle that is free of alcohol.

It is not the first time when Lohan has shown interest in other religions. During the time she was named among the top Hollywood females, she occasionally used to wear ‘Hijab’ as well as the religious bracelet.

According to her, the purpose of wearing that bracelet was to ward off the misfortunes brought to life because of the ‘evil eyes’.

American Diva Lindsay Lohan Turns To Islam

Not only this but also, Lindsay has been rumored to be attending the speeches and classes of Islamic scholars. Back in 2012, she was reported to join Courtney Love’s Buddhist chanting group for expanding her knowledge about the religious values.

She has even started to describe herself as a ‘spiritual lady’. Well, she still has to seek much knowledge because if she really wants to bring some positive changes in her life, she would have to attend the religious lectures regularly.

Some of her top Hollywood movies are Mean Girls (2004), Herbie: Fully Loaded (2005), A Prairie Home Companion (2006), Bobby (2006), and Chapter 27 (2007).

Islam, being the most powerful religion in the world, welcomes the non-Muslims of Paris, New York (America), Dubai, Istanbul, London, and Toronto, warmly. For those who have the interest in this beautiful religion, there is much to gain knowledge from. The religious books, classes or lectures of religious scholars, as well as the Islamic websites – all are a source to expand the information. Make sure the sources you use are authentic so that you do not develop fake understanding. Lohan has even shared her experiences about learning Holy Quran on her social media profiles, saying that she is happy to have finally taken the right decision of turning to Islam.

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