About Us

Washington Times is a rapidly growing digital magazine. The purpose of creating this online mag is to provide the right kind of information (in the form of articles and videos) to those who always look for the current affairs and gossips. One of the core objectives of WashingtonTimez.com is to become the leading news portal.

The information we share here is useful in a way that it helps the readers to expand their knowledge and to stay updated. We readily provide the readers / users of this website with the useful blog posts and videos covering celebrities, current issues, Pakistanis, as well as international problems.

The team of Washington Times works day and night to ensuring that the website’s repute and quality of its content are not compromised. Washington Times wants everyone to feel proud while visiting this digital magazine. However, we would like to inform that the videos shared here are third party properties, and if their information is incorrect, then the management at Washington Times does not take any responsibility. The articles, on the other hand, are written by our team of expert writers and evaluated by the in-house editors before they get published.

Washington Times has no interest in developing negative thoughts among the readers about anything or any person. Therefore, our core focus is on sharing the news based videos and articles so that the readers stay updated round the clock.

By all means, the content of the website except videos is written with the intention to come up your expectations. We input maximum efforts to give the viewers / readers / visitors with only the authentic set of information. For this, our qualified writers and editors spend much time in the selection of highly informative topics so that readership increases day by day.

We, at Washington Times, promise to do everything for carrying on the mission of giving you the great topics to read about. This does not mean we do not welcome suggestions and tips for improvement. In fact, WashingtonTimez.com is always open to feedback and criticism to get improved.

At the same time, we provide some opportunities to the youngsters and old-age citizens to raise their voices through this platform. Bloggers and journalists are welcome to contribute their valuable knowledge, and they can share their ideas in the form of written materials. For such work, Washington Times does not guarantee to pay anything but your voice would be heard by billions.

While developing the content, we remain unbiased. We share the opinions strictly on the basis of what viewers and media persons think. If you consider yourself to be skillful enough to become a part of our team, kindly contact us. We try to respond all the email within three business days if found mandatory.

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